Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So we've returned to the warm land. And its warm!!!! :) We're loving it. It was very hard to leave our family, especially little Piper, but its great to be back. We start class on Wednesday which is too soon unfortunately. Only have one day to play and of course, we have already planned to be at the beach that entire day. Thats been our plan since last week. We gotta get our tan back before school starts, we're practically ghosts. 
We hope to hear from a lot of you guys soon and we love and miss you. We will always accept visitors and its super beautiful here so all of you should come! :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello World. This is Becca and Alyssa. We finally have gained acess to our blog so now we can update it. Really, this is becca, not Alyssa, because Alyssa is even less technological than I am (if that is possible). I have a feeling I will be the one updating this gadget. But don't worry, I'll give you Alyssa's stories and stuff too. You'll know all her juicy gossip. hahaha. Or maybe if i do that it will get her to try updating it and you'll get a lot of updates.

Anyways. Right now we are home. Love home. But excited to go back to the sun in a week. We're both going to BYU-hawaii for school and loving it. Love the tanness, love the beach, love the surf, love the men...hahaha. oh and love studying too! ;) (threw that one in there for all the parents). we really are having a lot of fun and getting a great education.

Back to home...its beautiful. Love being here. We get to eat real food!!!! drive cars, watch T.V., freeze our butts off, see all the fam, and play with our little niece. She is a doll. SO STINKIN CUTE!!! We're going up to the cab for new years and I'm sure it will be a ball. thats all for now. MErry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight and HNY!!! (=Happy New Year)

Monday, July 21, 2008

My adventures

Last week I climbed Half Dome!

This week I plan to scale the nearest sand dune.

Next week, Aruba!